My Body's Voice


My Body's Voice

Knowing when your body is speaking

Ever wonder about your own unique communication with your body? How is yours different than others and their communication with their body? Do others hear their body's voice way more clearly than you hear yours?
Come explore new ways to "hear" your body and create change in your life through private sessions with Sara Zimmerman or learn your own way with theĀ  "My Body's Voice" Deck!
My Body's Voice

Body Communication

Tools to use to create greater understanding and communication with your body.

A Tool For You


Use these deck of cards as a tool to have a different way of communicating with your body.

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Expand Your Life

Intuitive Readings

Receive an intuitive session for guidance in your life and communication with your body.

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For You to Read


Read about what more is possible.

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Information to Explore


These videos can assist you on what questions to ask your body.

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My Body's Voice

My Body's Way of Speaking

The signs my body gives me

What is your way to communicate with your body and how many different ways does it express it's thoughts, feeling, emotions, awarenesses and overall information to you? It may be in more ways than you have known thus far!